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Symbol Close-Up

Symbol Close-Up

The center triangle is not perfectly equilateral. The three sides are proportional in what appears to be a three degree variance. It is difficult to create this kind of precision in brick, so this appears to be a near exact approximation based on close measurements. Three degrees are also consistant with other elements of threeness or the Trinity that are layered into the work.

Since the top and bottom triangular forms align with the apex and the base respectively, they are not in exact alignment with each other. They do however follow a paralell path that is equidistant from a center point, marked as a broder gap in the middle triangle. It seems impossible to concieve of the center scalene triangle as a brickwork mistake.

The bold mortar border of the middle triangle, the centerpoint gap, the direction of the top and bottom triangular forms and the layered 2:1 ratios all suggest a kinetic movement of the brickwork that points into the middle triangle - and that movement, once again its suggested, continues into a circular rotation.

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