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Symbol Analysis

Symbol Analysis

The building’s interior symbol is located at the storefront level, one vertical layer of bricks mortared to the south party wall. It stands 10’4” high (45 brick rows), 3’3” wide (4.5 bricks) and 16’6” from the storefront granite columns.

The design features three vertically aligned triangular forms. The top and bottom forms are triangular numbers in the sequence 2-5 (top form) and 2-5-8 (bottom form). The bold center triangle is scalene (angles 57, 60 and 63 degrees) with straight-lined sides of protruding mortar. A symmetrical pattern of alternating full and half bricks frame the left and right vertical borders of the installation. There are six and twelve rows of bricks at the top and base; and one and three rows of bricks separating the top and bottom triangles from the center triangle.

How these various elements work together is displayed in the image to the left (and more clearly in the video clips which can be accessed from this website in the near future). A series of 2:1 ratios are directed into a boldly outlined center scalene triangle, a 3:1 ratio; with the arrangement expressing a clear ‘Unity of Opposites’ - and then unity as Trinity in the form of a scalene triangle with proportional sides.

There are, however, further refinements to the basic pattern. Primarily, the upper and lower triangular forms that point into the center scalene triangle do not align with each other. They intersect with the apex and the mid-point of the base of the center triangle respectively, with the direction of their path running parallel to each other and on opposite sides of an intentionally marked mortar gap at the center of the bold middle triangle.

The entire installation is directed into this center. But its proposed that the movement does not stop at a scalene triangle. The interpenetrating forms evolve into a rotating spiral (or sphere), suggested by the incremental opening of the inner angles (57, 60 to 63 degrees) and the kinetic nature of the work.

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