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Ithiel Town Portrait Geometry

Ithiel Town Portrait Geometry

This geometry exercise was at the center of the Town portrait. along with five other exercises. The diagram is colored (red, black and white) and accompanied by a series of proportions and ratios (but no letters are marked on the diagram to indicate their corresponding placement).

The arrangement closely mirrors that of the Pearl St. installation: Two proportional triangles merging into a center scalene triange, with the suggestion of circular motion and transformation contained in both works. Each suggests a very clear Union of Opposites with unity expressed as Trinity.

The philosophical implications may suggest Euclidian geometry, Christianity and potentially philosophical Alchemy. This reading is drawn from other elements of the composition which include an open Psalm book with Christ rising (and the accompanying work 'Golde...'), a commemorative coin displaying St. George slaying a dragon along with Classical references.

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